JointHealth™ insight  Published June 2008

JointHealth™ launches new web site

Arthritis Consumer Experts is excited to announce the launch of our new website, The new site provides the latest information about all aspects of the most common types of arthritis-causes, prevention, medications and other treatments, access to healthcare, and much more.

JointHealth™ also helps bring together the voice of arthritis, giving people with disease the tools they need to speak out on behalf of themselves and the millions of people like them who also live with arthritis.

Because the focus of JointHealth™ is arthritis and the people who live with it, photos of real people who live with disease are featured throughout the site on the masthead. More will come; we welcome photo submissions from real people living with arthritis.

In this issue of JointHealth™ monthly, we take you on a tour of the new site. We hope that the new site inspires you to learn the facts, take control of your disease, and take action for yourself and for every person with arthritis.

What's in a name?
For years, people with arthritis have found ACE at Now, with the launch of our new site, you can find us at

The reason for the name change is simple: up until now, ACE has communicated with our community members primarily through the JointHealth™ family of programs: JointHealth™ monthly, JointHealth™ express, JointHealth™ podcasts, JointHealth™ workshops, and the JointHealth™ arthritis medications guide. These JointHealth™ programs have become known as a trusted source of research-based information and education about arthritis.

With the launch of our new website, it only made sense to call it what it is:, another great addition to the JointHealth™ group of programs. All of the JointHealth™ programs share a common goal-to improve the lives of people who live with arthritis. At, you will find the same commitment to evidence-based information presented in easy-to-understand language, and the same dedication to speaking out on behalf of people with arthritis.

...what's in it for you?

JointHealth™ is committed to bringing you breaking news about arthritis, as it develops. On the home page of the new site, a breaking news box highlights important information about research, treatments, press coverage, events, government activities-if it is important news for people with arthritis, it will be featured here.

JointHealth™ monthly: Easy-to-read, research-based information for people living with arthritis, their families, health professionals and the public. JointHealth™ monthly is Canada's only monthly consumer-focused newsletter delivered on-line and in-print, in both English and French.

JointHealth™ express: Canada's leading "breaking news" publication about arthritis delivered right to your inbox as news happens.

JointHealth™ podcasts: Podcasts featuring interview-style conversations with leading Canadian rheumatologists, arthritis research scientists and people living with arthritis speaking out for others with the disease.

JointHealth™ surveys: Surveys designed to gather the views and opinions of real people living with arthritis in Canada, the United States and Europe.

about arthritis
Disease spotlights: Easy-to-read, comprehensive information about many of the more than 100 different types of arthritis. Each spotlight includes information on warning signs, diagnosis and treatments. Reviewed by medical experts to ensure accuracy, these spotlights are a great source of disease-specific information.

Medication treatments: Medications are often a critically important part of treatment for arthritis. This section of the website includes vital information about the different types of medications often used to treat many forms of arthritis.

Non-medication treatments: This section of the website includes information on many important, non-pharmaceutical forms of arthritis treatment, including diet and nutrition, vitamins and minerals, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

getting better healthcare
This section of the website includes information about how to get the very best care possible. In an era of doctor shortages, wait lists, and difficulties in accessing needed treatments, learning to navigate the healthcare system is critical.

There are steps each of us can take to get better healthcare-from recognizing symptoms of arthritis, to getting needed referrals to specialist doctors, to making medication decisions, to building and working with a comprehensive healthcare team. This section of the site guides people with arthritis on their journey through the healthcare system.

Press releases: ACE and JointHealth™ are committed to changing the public perceptions of arthritis. To this end, we regularly send out press releases to targeted media outlets and across the country. This section provides access to recent press releases.

Print: This section houses print coverage of recent ACE press conferences and initiatives.

Radio: In this section we provide audio files from radio interviews and coverage.

Television: This section provides video files of recent television news footage.

Web: Online coverage of ACE events is available in this section.

Links: The internet can be a valuable resource for information about arthritis, but it can be difficult to know which sources of information to trust. In this section, we provide links to some credible sources of arthritis information.

Books: This section provides information about some of the best books about arthritis available, on topics ranging from exercise and complementary medicine to books on specific types of arthritis.

taking action
Why take action: More than four and a half million people in Canada live with some form of arthritis. In this section of the website, we answer questions often asked by people with arthritis-why should I take action? What do I have to contribute in the fight against arthritis? Why should my voice be heard?

What we are doing: JointHealth™ and ACE take action every day on behalf of people with arthritis. In meetings with and letters to elected officials, press releases and press conferences, on government and research committees, ACE and JointHealth™ speak out for people with arthritis. In this section, we provide details of some of our advocacy work.

What you can do: Each person with arthritis brings an important perspective on living with disease. People with arthritis have the moral authority to speak out about arthritis treatment and care in Canada, and this section provides tips on ways to do just that.

What others are doing: In this section you will find examples of what other people are doing in the fight against arthritis. These actions include speeches by elected officials and letters to the editor from people with arthritis.

Fact sheets: These point-form one-page fact sheets work as tools for speaking out. They provide the facts to back up the messages our elected officials, and the media, need to hear about arthritis.

action centre
The action centre is a convenient one-stop solution for some of the most common requests we receive. Here, people can subscribe to JointHealth™ for free, tell others about JointHealth™, quickly access contact information for elected officials in their province, and easily find email addresses for many of the major and regional newspapers in the country.

about us
Important information about ACE and JointHealth™ can be found in this section, including:
  • Guiding principles & acknowledgements
  • Staff
  • Advisory board
  • FAQs
  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer

feedback has been created to help people with arthritis take control of their disease, and change their experience with arthritis. We invite you to explore the site and tell us what you think about the new additions and improvements. We welcome comments and suggestions. Please email us at


Over the past 12 months, ACE received unrestricted grants-in-aid from: Abbott Laboratories Ltd., Amgen Canada / Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffman-La Roche Canada Ltd., Merck Frosst Canada, Pfizer Canada and Schering-Plough Canada, UCB Pharma Canada Inc. ACE also receives unsolicited donations from its community members (people with arthritis) across Canada.

ACE thanks these private and public organizations and individuals.


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