Alberta 2019 provincial election

Responses from the Electoral Candidates
Responses are arranged according to the date we received them. The first response received in each party appears at the top of that section.

Alberta Independence Party
Individual candidate responses

Anita Crowshoe – candidate for Banff – Kananaskis
Todd Wayne – candidate for Edmonton – Castledowns

Date: March 29, 2019, 7:22AM PDT
Subject: re: Arthritis Consumer Experts Survey for Alberta Election 2019 – Arthritis in Alberta
From: Anita Crowshoe

Good morning Cheryl and Anita,

Thank you for the survey, I noticed from the mailing address for ACE's is in Vancouver. Therefore, I have connected you with our Director of Health.

At this time we are in campaign mode for our individual Constituency.


Anita Crowshoe

Date: March 29, 2019, 10:08AM PDT
Subject: re: Arthritis Consumer Experts Survey for Alberta Election 2019 – Arthritis in Alberta
From: Todd Wayne

Hi Cheryl,

We are separating from Canada and currently we are at the mercy of CMA (Canadian Medical Association). This group is made up of 80,000 Canadians who alone are nearly as wealthy as the ATB in Canada.

Alberta's Health Services GDP is 5.0% (16 Billion) vs Ontario's 15% (120 Billion).

Centralisation has forced Albertan's to subsidize Ontario's GDP and out of their NET INCOME and purchase ALMOST ALL the drugs, equipment and specialised services from Ontario.

Within two years of the 4 year transfer Alberta's Health Services GDP will go from just over 5% to past 11%.

What does that mean?

Currently, the 22 Billion Dollar a year Health Services Expense will be reduced to 10 Billion without changing a current Service.

Obviously, predictions are not on the table as NDP and UCP live on them and that is not how AIP will define itself. This are real numbers and real truth.

As far as indigenous populations go...

1st Nations people shall have a substantial amount of new money that they will use as they see fit. True self government.

We ensure First Nations will negotiate their own royalty rates and corporate taxation rates on reserves. This system will follow with First Nations to newly split federal lands negotiated in the 4 year transfer period to secession.


Todd Wayne
AIP MLA Candidate
Edm Castledowns