Make arthritis an election issue

Federal election 2015

The delivery of healthcare may be a provincial responsibility, but the federal government also plays a significant role in funding healthcare and shaping healthcare policies.

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) members and subscribers are keenly following the federal election campaign and to help them compare the newly emerging healthcare platforms, we asked the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party of Canada, and the Liberal Party of Canada the same four questions about top health care issues for Canadians living with arthritis.

Together, arthritis consumers have a powerful voice. Only if we exercise it. Please consider the parties' healthcare platforms and what they mean for people living with arthritis. And please. On October 19, 2015. VOTE for arthritis.

Any responses received by ACE will be catalogued and posted as they arrive.

ACE letter sent to each Party and Party Leader included: Party responses to the survey