JointHealth™ express   April 7, 2017

Become an Arthritis Advocate

Arthritis Research Canada’s Arthritis Patient Advisory Board (APAB) is recruiting for new members in British Columbia

Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) is looking for volunteer patient advocates to serve on our Vancouver based Arthritis Patient Advisory Board (APAB). The core strategic values of our board are: Research, Knowledge Translation, Community Advocacy, Education, Communications and Government Relations. Additional information including our Mission Statement can be found at

We seek individuals who represent various forms of arthritis disease and who are also reflective of BC’s racial and ethnic diversity — but these are desirable attributes rather than essential qualifications. The positions are two-year terms, with the potential to participate for a further two years.

The majority of our members are based in the Vancouver area, however we will consider Canada-wide applications from anyone who is willing to participate remotely. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis and have a strong interest in arthritis research, you may want to consider a volunteer position with ARC’s Arthritis Patient Advisory Board. APAB members are passionate about making a difference and are:
  • Informed, or willing to be informed, on a broad range of arthritis issues;
  • Experienced in patient-centered arthritis organizations;
  • Devoted to advocating for practical research for arthritis patients in established and innovative ways;
  • Able to articulate the needs and concerns of people with arthritis while participating in ARC research projects and advising ARC researchers;
  • Interested in receiving appropriate training in order to participate in ARC research;
  • Committed to mentoring, building capacity and empowering people with arthritis to take an active role; and
  • Proficient in communication techniques and internet navigation.
If you are interested in being considered for a volunteer position with APAB, please submit your resume to or call Patricia Webb at 604-207-4024. Please include information on your arthritis background, including any volunteer or paid work that you have done in the area of arthritis, advocacy or other work experience. As well, please indicate which of APAB’s core strategic areas interests you most and how you could positively contribute to APAB initiatives.