JointHealth™ express   May 3, 2007

Access to the best medications is critically important for every person living with some form of arthritis in Canada. Thousands of people depend on their provincial drug plans to cover the cost of arthritis medications, yet the most effective ones are simply not being made available. While many of the new medications are expensive, the cost is far less than that of ineffectively treated arthritis, both at the individual and societal level.

For this reason, Arthritis Consumer Experts and its partner organizations, the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance and The Arthritis Society, BC and Yukon Division, have written the Ministers of Health in every province and territory of Canada urging them to cover specific medications proved effective in treating a form of inflammatory arthritis called "rheumatoid arthritis".

Please click on this link to view our letters to the Minister of Health in your province or territory. We encourage you to write in support of our recommendation. It will make a real difference to the 4 million Canadians living with arthritis today.