JointHealth™ express   April 29, 2014

Private insurance and arthritis: Making it work, at work

People with arthritis are taking a growing interest in how private health insurance works, particularly given the benefits reform underway. This comes as no surprise as 23 million Canadians rely on private health insurance for reimbursement of their essential medications.

Inside this issue of JointHealth™ monthly, we take a closer look at private insurance and arthritis in the workplace. You will discover:
  • Why 9-5 support for arthritis is "good business"
  • How to understand the obstacles of arthritis at work
  • What private health insurance reform is and what it means for employees with arthritis
  • How Arthritis Consumer Experts is reaching out to private health insurers
  • The role of private health insurance companies and their advisors
  • What employers can do to help employees with arthritis