JointHealth™ express   December 19, 2013

Important Health Canada endorsed advisory notice on Methotrexate Sodium Injections 25mg/mL (2mL)

Advisory notice on Methotrexate Sodium Injections 25mg/mL

Teva Canada Limited, in consultation with Health Canada, has initiated a voluntary recall of 3 lots of methotrexate sodium injection 25mg/mL (2mL) – DIN 02099705 – lots 12J30KK, 12J30KH, and 12J30KB. The 3 lot numbers listed above have a potential for cracks in the neck area of the glass container that could lead to a risk of infection if the medication is used.

If methotrexate sodium injection 25mg/mL is part of your treatment plan, please contact your doctor if you have any concerns. Please contact your doctor, pharmacy or hospital if you have purchased any methotrexate sodium injection 25mg/mL with the above lot numbers.

Every medication has risks and benefits. Always consider the risks of undertreated or untreated disease when thinking about making a change to your treatment plan. As with all aspects of your treatment plan, you should speak to your doctor if you have questions or concerns.

To read the full Health Canada advisory, please click here.