JointHealth™ express   November 21, 2013

Patients front and centre at Arthritis Alliance of Canada’s First Annual Research Conference and Symposium

Hundreds of patients and experts meet to shape future of arthritis research in Canada

Hundreds of patients and experts will gather in Ottawa this week at the Arthritis Alliance of Canada’s inaugural Conference and Research Symposium to discuss the latest advances and the future of arthritis research in Canada. The three-day event features participation from across the country, including medical and allied health professionals, patient advocates, government representatives and non-profit health organizations.

“This precedent-setting event is a unique opportunity to bring together all stakeholders in the Canadian arthritis community,” says Alliance Chair Janet Yale. “Canada is a world leader in research into arthritis and chronic pain. The work being done at this event will lay out the roadmap for future research priorities designed to advance our understanding of arthritis – what causes it, how to diagnose and treat it, how to care for those living with it, and ultimately how to prevent and cure it.” [Read more]