JointHealth™ express   December 18, 2012

In this issue of JointHealth™ monthly:

Leveling the field: Do we have fairness in Canada yet?

People may experience unfair and unequal treatment for a variety of reasons. Those living with arthritis face their own form of discrimination.

For example, depending on which province you live in, you may not have the same access as other Canadians to biologic response modifier medications (“biologics”), which are the gold standard for treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

A recently published second edition of a paper entitled Leveling the Field in Canada: Moving Toward Reimbursement Equality in Biologic Therapy for Canadians with Rheumatoid Arthritis ("Leveling the Field") was written to address this inequity and to supply a rationale for allowing specialist physicians to prescribe the most suitable biologic for their patients. The authors of the paper include arthritis specialists from across Canada and Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE).

This new edition of Leveling the Field also draws attention to the issues surrounding the emergence of subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) for the treatment of RA.

Topics covered in this special issue of JointHealth™ monthly include:
  • What’s new in the second edition of the Leveling the Field paper
  • Why equal coverage across Canada is important
  • How the provinces compare when it comes to reimbursement for biologics
  • The difference between a SEB and a generic medication
  • How you can help level the field in Canada.
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