JointHealth™ express   April 30, 2012

In this issue of JointHealth™ monthly:

Arthritis: a lifelong disease requiring a long-term plan

Generally, sicker Canadians are more likely to have below-average income, so often cannot pay for their medications. The medications, whether they are needed to reduce pain, prevent complications from their disease, or to treat the underlying disease process, contribute to a better quality of life, to greater economic productivity, and reduced healthcare costs. These are the people, more than anyone else, who need medications included on public formularies.

With a four pillar plan that includes appropriate and timely access to medications, Canada could effectively manage chronic disease. What can be done to make sure that happens? In this issue, learn about the four pillars for effective disease management, the arthritis community’s “call to action”, the current revolution in the way patients and doctors interact with one another, and the newest way to broadcast the arthritis story: the Arthritis Broadcast Network.