JointHealth™ express   April 7, 2011

New: Highly Qualified Consumer (HQC) Database

The Canadian Arthritis Network has created a database of arthritis patients, called the "Highly Qualified Consumer (HQC) Database" because what you experience every day, living with arthritis, is valuable information for the scientists and rheumatologists conducting research to cure or treat your arthritis and improve your quality of life.

Since the Canadian Arthritis Network was formed in 1998, a relatively small group of informed patients--consumers as they are called in the arthritis community--have been assisting the Network's researchers with their projects by acting as consultants or collaborators.

Now the Canadian Arthritis Network's Consumer Advisory Council is asking you to help shape arthritis research. By adding your name to a new online database, researchers will be able to choose from a large group of volunteers living across Canada and representing all the different types of arthritis. If you participate, you will not be asked to volunteer for clinical trials or market research and you will always have the option to decline research requests.

The Highly Qualified Consumer (HQC) Database will assist researchers in vital work and this will ultimately benefit you as a person with arthritis. Click here to get started.