JointHealth™ express   September 19, 2023

In this issue of JointHealthTM insight, Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) takes a deeper look at the findings* from the ACE National Survey on Arthritis and Health Literacy. In Part 1 of the analysis, we look closely at results from two groups of Survey responses:
  • Women compared to men
  • Age groups (over 54 years, 34-53 years, and under 33 years)
In this issue, you will learn more about:
  • Who the Survey respondents were
  • ACE Survey respondents’ ability to find, process and use health information
  • ACE Survey respondents’ ability to use information in decision making
  • What health literacy means for arthritis care
Read and share the Survey findings and infographic.

*It is important to note that there is a number of individuals who did not complete the survey; therefore, many of the percentages will not add up to 100%.