JointHealth™ express   November 25, 2021

In celebration of the food festivities this weekend in the United States, we are sharing this #ArthritisAtHome episode with Kim Arrey, a Registered Dietitian who has extensive experience counselling patient who are seeking weight management advice.

Kim provides highlights from her session at this year’s CRA & AHPA Annual Scientific Meeting and explains how the food we eat can influence our disease journey with arthritis. She provides strategies for making dietary changes in a way that is manageable and low-stress, including how to make those changes during an emotionally challenging time like COVID-19.

Kim is the author with Dr. Michel Starr of the Complete Arthritis Health Diet Guide and Cookbook. She speaks about nutrition, weight management and arthritis to patient groups and health care professionals alike. Her passion is helping clients achieve their health goals while they enjoy healthy great tasting food.

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