JointHealth™ express   August 25, 2020

Arthritis Consumer Experts is searching for Canada's Best Workplaces for Employees Living with Arthritis

Does your workplace deserve to be recognized for their best arthritis practices? Nominate them by September 15, 2020

Canadian employers, working with their private health insurers, are increasingly looking for ways to promote patient-focused prevention, treatment and management of arthritis as part of a health and wellness program for employees. To recognize these best arthritis practices, Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) announces the search for Canada's Best Workplaces for Employees Living with Arthritis.

ACE analyzes company practices and programs compared to other nominated companies. The judging criteria include:
  • flexible work arrangements that meet the needs of employees living with arthritis to manage their disease and work with symptoms such as pain, fatigue, joint dysfunction or immobility; and,
  • employer benefit plans, particularly drug plans that help people with arthritis gain access to life saving medications they and their doctors have decided they need.
New criteria

This year, ACE is particularly interested in identifying best practices as it relates to the actions employers are taking to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. In the case of employees living with autoimmune rheumatic disease and other employees who have risk factors for severe disease, ACE would like to learn how employers are providing equitable workplace accommodations (e.g. role/task reassignment).

To nominate your company for Canada's Best Workplaces for Employees Living with Arthritis award, please click here. The deadline to apply is September 15, 2020. Please submit your nominations to