JointHealth™ express   July 16, 2010

Share how you live with Arthritis.

Wanted: Photographs of people who live with arthritis carrying out day-to-day activities.

Dear JointHealth™ members and subscribers,

We would like to update the images on the JointHealth™ website, publications, and promotional materials developed by Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE). It has always been the case that we use pictures from you, our members and subscribers because JointHealth™ is about arthritis and the people who live with it.

There are so many myths surrounding arthritis . . . and so few people appreciate that it can affect any one at any age. By using photos of real people, we are attempting to break down the fiction about people living with arthritis. Untreated, arthritis can lead to disability and death. Treated, many can continue their everyday lives just as they did prior to the symptoms. These are the messages we want to convey.

Please send us photographs of you, taking part in everyday activities around the house or out and active in the community with family and friends. Activities featured could include shopping, gardening, cleaning, exercising, swimming, cooking, sewing, playing a musical instrument, playing a sport, or anything else that demonstrates your experience living with arthritis, especially if you believe it may be inspiring.

Also, please feel free to share photos of how arthritis has affected your body. While breaking down the myths surrounding arthritis is important, it is also crucial that other Canadians appreciate the severity and debilitating nature of arthritis. Obviously, this is an incredibly personal choice and in no way will information be disclosed about the person who submitted these particular photos.

If you are interested in participating, please send us a digital photograph, as well as your full name, age (optional), disease-type, address, telephone number, and email address. Please note that, if chosen for use, your photograph may appear on our website with your first name, province of residence, and disease-type noted.

Please note that by sending us a photograph, you are giving ACE permission to use it on the JointHealth™ website, publications, and any other promotional materials related to Arthritis Consumer Experts or JointHealth™ programs.

Please send digital photographs and information to:

Your images may be selected – watch for them!