JointHealth™ express   May 29, 2020

#ArthritisAtHome summary for May 25 to 29, 2020

This week’s #ArthritisAtHome features Dr. Jasmin Ma, Denise Jupp, and Dr. Diane Lacaille

#ArthritisAtHome Episode 26: 15 minutes of exercise “snacks” during COVID-19 with Dr. Jasmin Ma (Part 4 of 4)

#MotivationMonday – Dr. Jasmin Ma is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Arthritis Research Canada. In the last part of a special 4-part #MotivationMonday series, Dr. Ma leads us through strengthening exercises with a resistance band. In an effort to meet the needs of a wide range of abilities, she provides movement and rest options – a choose your own exercise adventure!

#ArthritisAtHome Episode 27: Patient tips from a rheumatology nurse during COVID-19 with Denise Jupp

#WellnessWednesday – Denise Jupp is a rheumatology nurse at the Diamond Centre Rheumatology Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. In this episode, she explains how rheumatology nurses are supporting people with arthritis at this time. She also shares insights on what patients should know about preparing for a rheumatology appointment and what patients can do to help alleviate pain at home.

#ArthritisAtHome Episode 28: Returning to work and health concerns for people living with arthritis with Dr. Diane Lacaille

#FactsFriday – Dr. Diane Lacaille is the Associate Scientific Director of Arthritis Research Canada. In this episode, she comments on the re-opening of the provincial economies across Canada and the health concerns for people living with arthritis who are returning to work. She also shares her advice for working from home.

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