JointHealth™ express   September 25, 2008

Make arthritis an election issue

Federal election 2008

It is time to take political action for people who live with arthritis. For far too long, this disease has been one that has lived in the shadows, misunderstood by the public and ignored by government. It is time for the voice of arthritis to be heard by those who are running to represent us.

Arthritis Consumer Experts is launching a special election section of the JointHealth™ website today, In this section, you will find tools to help you speak out, and make arthritis treatment and care in Canada an issue of importance in this election.

Arthritis Consumer Experts is focusing a good deal of our election attention on a much-neglected area of arthritis treatment and care: the federal Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) plan, which is supposed to provide extended medical coverage for First Nations and Inuit people. The failure of the NIHB to provide adequate coverage for gold-standard arthritis medications constitutes discrimination, and Arthritis Consumer Experts is taking this issue to the parties and candidates. More information, and information about how you can help, is available in the election section of our site.

Thank you,

Arthritis Consumer Experts