JointHealth™ express   December 12, 2017

SPINACH 2-project: SupPortIng seNiors And Caregivers to stay mobile at Home

Participants sought for interview/focus group about online module with options on how to stay independent at home when aging

Decisions about how to stay independent at home are difficult ones for seniors, and we often hear that they do not know what their options are to do so.

We have created an online module (webpage) for seniors and caregivers who are facing decisions (with their health professionals) about how to stay independent at home which could be optimized with your feedback!

We are currently inviting seniors and caregivers to have a look at our module and afterwards share experiences with using the module with us by participating in a focus group (i.e. discussion with other seniors and caregivers) or interview (i.e. one on one interview with the researcher) and tell us how the module could be even more relevant for you (duration: 30-60 minutes).

You will receive $20.00 for your participation. With your help, we can improve the module to meet your needs.

Please sign up by completing the form below, and you will be called back to explain the study and make an appointment for an interview:

English version:

Thank you very much for your participation. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Thomas Petitjean, research assistant, at

This is an initiative by the Université Laval/ University of Alberta/the Centre for digital media.